Our 2000 sqm warehouse allows us to stock and deliver 360 days a year all what can be considered a surrounding provision to the mere marine fuel and keep your engines and parts always like new, cleaned and powerful. Thanks to our new Universal Vessel Bunkering Manifold there will be no more trouble to connect your hoses to the fuel station at the dock with our coupling kits.

List of main products at stock:

  • Marine Diesel Fuel
  • Oil/Lubricants Shell: Rimula, Tellus, Corena, Omala all grades
  • Fuel Additives Grotamar 82
  • Coolants CAT Extended Life Coolant ELC
  • Fuel Drip Sample Yacht Samples
  • Analysis Sample Kit
  • Couplings/Hoses/Pumps for bunkering
  • Fuel Counters